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Classification of gas Stoves
May 18, 2018

Desktop Stove Structure: Bench cooker mainly by burner (furnace head, inside and outside the fire cover), Valve body (including nozzles, wind door, conical spring), shell (can be the body shell-panels, the back plate and the left side of the plate assembled, can also be the overall tensile shell), furnace racks, knobs, liquid plate, furnace foot, intake pipe,

and the pulse ignition (pulse ignition mode cooker), etc.

Embedded Stove structure: Embedded cooker mainly by the embedded burner (furnace head, inside and outside the fire cover and so on), valve body (including nozzle, wind door, cone spring, solenoid valve), panel (with tempered glass panel, stainless steel panel and Non-stick oil panel, etc.), furnace frame, knob, liquid plate, stove foot, bottom shell, inlet pipe, connecting tube, Pulse igniter (embedded cooker is usually pulse ignition mode, gas cooker ignition mode is mainly divided into electronic ignition and pulse ignition two), thermocouple (flameout safety Protection device--refers to the gas cooker after the flame extinguished automatically cut the gas access device)