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Research and development of gas stove
May 18, 2018

In history, the first to develop gas stoves is the Frenchman Philippe Ruben, on September 21, 1799, he obtained the use of gas lighting and heating dual-use devices patent. The following year, Reuben spent his money on equipment at a restaurant in Paris. As Reuben developed the gas stove will make a bad smell, so at the beginning of the time is not popular, not to be promoted. Still, he continued to study and improve the device with great enthusiasm.

On the day of the coronation of Napoleon in 1804, Reuben was killed on a street in Paris, and the development of the gas stove was interrupted. The world's first gas cooker for kitchen cooking was invented in 1826 by James Shaff, deputy manager of the British Putunvas Company. He put his invention of gas stove in his home kitchen, used for barbecue cooking. This is a vertical stove, consisting of hooks hanging from the ceiling for hanging meat and the following circle-shaped fire mouth.

There is no stove to put the pot. The first to buy gas stoves is the French Leamington Bus hotel. 1834, the bus hotel used gas stoves to cook dinner for 100 people, not only the food is delicious, and there is no smell of gas, is very ideal stove.

In the summer of 1836, a factory of 35 workers was opened in Northampton, England, specializing in the production of gas stoves. 1852, the use of the gas burning device and stove into a combined stove began to sell.

In the 1915, gas stoves with thermostat control began to appear. In the 1855, German chemist Benson invented a gas-burning device known as "Bunsen", a device that produces heat by mixing oxygen with combustible gases. Less than a year after "Bunsen", the British Hoddington Andong Smith Company invented the world's first household heating device with gas fuel. Later, the gradual popularization of gas stoves and the supply of gas, formed today's gas stoves.

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