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The gas cooker will stall after the ignition
May 18, 2018

Thermoelectric solenoid valve is not installed-check the wiring, replace the lover's installation position to install in place

The ion induction needle is too far from the flame, too high or short to cause

* Adjust the corresponding distance to maintain the 2-3mm height with the fire hole to maintain a slightly higher 1-2mm above the fire hole

Solenoid valve suction is not enough or vibration after the drop valve-replacement

The battery voltage is not enough to hold the suction valve current (ion inductive type)-Change the battery

There is dirt on the needle or thermocouple pin-remove the dirt or replace it

Induction pins are not connected or off line-adjust or reconnect the line

Grounding screws are not locked to cause poor grounding and automatic flameout-locking screws to ensure good grounding

The valve axis is too short knob card to the panel directly caused by the ignition and will stall

* Adjust the good axis height, ensure that the knob does not touch the panel preferably keep the knob and panel distance in the 5mm range Thermocouple preheating time is not enough (single line protection)-need to maintain 5 seconds after letting go.