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The historical development of gas stoves
May 18, 2018

(1) Initial stage (1980 ago): Product structure is simple, function single The 1980s ago, the development of China's gas industry is still relatively backward, the prevalence of urban gas is very low, only 10%, the vast number of rural people almost no use of gas.

At that time, gas stoves in the initial stage, the product structure is simple, functional single. Prior to this, gas appliances per home Only the simplest gas stoves, product structure is also very simple.

Most of the focal surface materials are cast iron, surface plating or spraying treatment, no electric ignition device, the process is also in the relatively original state.

(2) Stage of development (1980-1990): substantial improvement in durability and reliability After 1980, with the deepening of the reform and opening up, the market economy with the rise, foreign gas appliances have entered China, gas appliances production enterprises from the original more than 10 soared to nearly hundreds, the enterprise type from the original single gas company to have the state-owned, collective, private and other types of enterprises,

Famous foreign manufacturers also began to look for partners in China, so that the product quality and appearance of gas appliances have a fundamental change, product varieties and functions are also changing. In the meantime, panels, combustion systems and ignition devices have also been improved.

Panel materials have cold plate spraying, burner has cast iron furnace head, surface plating or zinc injection treatment, ignition device using piezoelectric electronic ignition, improve the ignition rate, gas stoves durability and reliability has been improved.

(3) Breakthrough stage (1990-2006): variety, Style complete. After 1990, China and even the world economy entered a rapid development stage. China's gas and fuel industry has entered a period of rapid growth.

The introduction of foreign advanced burning development and manufacturing technology has brought about a breakthrough change in China's burning industry. Household gas cooker varieties increased, fashionable, security enhancements, materials, functions and performance have been improved.

In the production quality and reliability, process level, automation and intelligent degree, performance index of advanced, energy saving and environmental protection, safe use and other aspects have also improved. The material of the cooker basically eliminated the cast iron. Stainless steel panels, surface spraying non-stick oil coating materials, tempered glass panels in the cooker occupies an important position, ceramic panels are unique.