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The method of air inlet of gas stove
May 18, 2018

Gas stoves on the market in the main wind mode mainly has upward wind, down into the wind, the side of the wind and the full wind four. Down into the wind type: This cooker is copied imported cooker and come, in order to meet the Chinese fire stir-fry cooking habits and increase the heat load and burner, the foreign product is required to open a hole in the cabinet, or rely on a larger cabinet gap to supplement the combustion of two times the air, but also for the leakage of gas in the ignition of the inevitable discharge, and small heat load design.

and domestic users rarely know that the cabinet opened hole, thus causing the burning is not sufficient, Huang, carbon monoxide concentration, and once the gas leakage is larger, it may cause a hot fire, causing the glass panel burst. Progressive Wind Type: this kind of cooker improves the shortcoming of the first cooker, and raises the stove head above the table, hoping to enter the air from the gap between the stove head and the bearing liquid plate. But when burning this part has formed the high temperature zone, the cold air expands and rises, cannot enter the stove head Thus, therefore two times air still does not have the effective supplement, basically also can not solve the Huang and the carbon monoxide high concentration problem. This structural design, thermal load can not be designed too large, greater than 3.

6-kilowatt Huang very powerful, low thermal efficiency, not too in line with the needs of the people of fire, and high stove head to make the beauty of the cooker greatly discounted, but can reduce the glass panel bursting rate. Side Wind Type: This cooker in the panel relatively low temperature area installed a fan, when the combustion causes the air in the shell to reduce the formation of negative pressure, the cold air will follow the inlet of the inlet is inhaled shell, not only provide sufficient air and the burning of the two times required air, to solve the problem of Huang, carbon monoxide concentration is greatly reduced, And the leakage of gas can also be discharged from the air inlet, even if the gas leakage point of fire, airflow can be discharged from the inlet as soon as possible, quickly reduce internal pressure, to avoid the glass panel burst. At the same time, the cold air through the air inlet into the furnace, but also greatly reduce the temperature of the table glass. The heat load of this kind of cooker can reach 3.

8-kilowatt. Full-inlet Wind type: This kind of cooker not only has the air inlet on the chassis, and in the furnace head and the liquid between the plate also left the air inlet, so that not only provide a full air and the burning of the required two times, to solve the problem of Huang, so that the carbon monoxide content is greatly reduced, and to avoid a sudden switch cabinet door caused by tempering, Thus reducing the probability of the glass panel bursting.

Because this kind of cooker adopts the characteristics of progressive wind type and lower inlet wind type cooker, therefore, not only keep the cooker high heat load, flame regulation range, in line with the advantages of Chinese cooking habits, but also greatly reduce the temperature of the cooker body and glass panel, effectively avoid the occurrence of glass panel bursting phenomenon. The market of embedded glass panel cooker Most of the first three forms, if the product quality does not pass or improper installation, more prone to burning is not sufficient, the occurrence of carbon monoxide exceeded, Huang, firepower not fierce, high temperature panel, and even glass explosion phenomenon. Therefore, consumers must be in a good reputation of the big shopping malls or building materials city to buy brand-name products, installation, remember to punch holes in the cupboard to ensure smooth airflow.