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Use and maintenance of gas cooker
May 18, 2018

1, in accordance with the state regulations, the general household appliances used for 8 years, after the expiration of the user should be scrapped in time to avoid hidden dangers. 

2, often used to check the interface of gas pipelines whether leakage, rubber hose is intact, whether the aging cracks, once found should be replaced in a timely manner.

Check the following steps:

(1), please configure the appropriate amount of soapy water for leak detection.

(2), open the valve, the gas source unimpeded.

(3), check the valve connection is not a leak (only applicable to liquefied gas): dip in a small amount of soapy water, drop in the decompression valve and liquefied gas can be connected at the beginning, to observe whether there are bubbles, if there is a bubble, you need to consult the user to replace the decompression valve.

(4), check the interface of the connection hose is leaking: With the above test method experiment.

(5), if the above method is still not able to lift leakage phenomenon, you need door-to-door repair

3, the use of cooker users, to regularly clean the fire cover on the hole, to prevent congestion and should often clean the stove head dust, cobweb and other debris.

4, the cooker fire cover damage, must buy the original products, can not be replaced at will, so as not to cause bad combustion. 5, the intake hose long-term use, will be aging or broken, the formation of security risks.

Therefore, the intake hose has aging phenomenon should be replaced in a timely manner, must not use adhesive tape to continue to use.

6, the use of artificial gas or other special gas source of users, must often clean the fire cover on the fire hole to avoid blockage. 

7, gas source is different, the use of gas stoves should also be different, this point in the purchase please note.

If you use the gas source has changed, you must ask the original manufacturer of your cooker for the corresponding transformation before use.

 8, the use of gas stoves do not stay away. In case of leakage or accidental causes (wind, water overflow, etc.) when the flame is extinguished, should immediately close the gas source total switch, open doors and windows, rapid ventilation, remember not to ignite or switch electrical appliances, in order to prevent electric spark detonated gas.