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Gas Cooker Leak
May 18, 2018

Analysis of the main reason possibility

(1) The hose and the stove front switch and the cooker joint anastomosis place is not strict

* Check the tight density of the tube clamp tight

(2) Summer hose breakage or burst

* Replacement Hose

(3) Stove gas pipeline and valve switch contact is not tight

* Fastening the two screws to check whether the seal ring or damage should be positive or replacement

(4) Each process hole closed screws and nozzle thread seal is not strict

* Remove the stolen goods to replace the seal ring or spring

(5) Valve spool valve core and valve body with not close maintenance after the valve core and body with the fashion reverse direction, joint hose rubber ring is not tight * Check the valve core is worn to remove dirt, add special oil or replace accessories to properly do the valve core and body assembly