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Maintenance Of Gas Cooker
May 18, 2018

1, the cooker and the cylinder need to be separated from the 50-100cm, the use of the intake pipe is not longer than 150cm, hose must not touch the furnace and from the bottom through.

Special intake of the trachea generally around 1.5 to replace, to prevent leakage due to aging rupture, affecting the safety of use.

2, flameout Protection Effectiveness check, the stove ignited, after burning for a minute, the fire is lowered, the heat is blown out, and the ion-induction protection device is not to be extinguished for 5 seconds (thermoelectric protection device is to be extinguished after 20 seconds), when the flame pilot is not available, the Flame protection device is effective (safe type).

3, after each cooker use, close the cooker knob, remember to close the gas source total switch.

4, regular cleaning cooker countertops and around, to maintain the appearance of clean, stoves and water stations need to have a certain distance.

5, weekly cleaning fire cover and fire hole of the dirt, in case of dirt blocked fire hole, resulting in tempering, easy to make panel damage. 

6, the regular replacement of batteries (pulse ignition type), because the provision of fire and ion protector at the same time, can make the ion protection faster, the spirit of higher brightness, it will take about 4-6 months to replace, but the specific time to change depending on the frequency of the use of customers.