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Structure Of Gas Cooker
May 18, 2018

Combined according to the shell materials are all stainless steel (both gas stove panel, front plate, both sides of the board (some including the back plate and beam) of the materials are stainless steel), glass panels, color steel surface for high-temperature ion coloring treatment to make the panel more noble, ceramic panels. The ignition mode is divided into two kinds of piezoelectric ceramic ignition and electronic pulse ignition. Pressure ceramic spark ignition: Piezoelectric ceramic ignition for most of the desktop stoves, the biggest advantage is that the battery does not need. However, the success rate of ignition and environmental humidity, humidity is not easy to spot. In addition, the ignition needs to hold down the switch in order to hit the fire, no electronic pulse ignition so fast. Electronic Pulse ignition: electronic pulse ignition consumers are generally familiar with, embedded stoves most of the use of this ignition device, thermoelectric (composed of thermocouple and solenoid valve), ion induction type of air intake of gas cooker cooker, on the intake of gas cooker, the full intake of gas cooker