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The Purchasing Skill Of Gas Cooker
May 18, 2018

Purchase skills first to clear their home use of the gas source, is natural gas, artificial gas or liquefied petroleum gas, in the purchase must be and guide to tell their families to use the gas. Consumers should also pay attention to the surface of the cooker plate thickness, some cooker steel plate thickness is thin, easy to deformation, swirl fire, infrared cooker heat efficiency is relatively high, can save gas, with flameout protection device of high safety, when the flame is extinguished by wind or water, can automatically cut off gas, the use of pulse ignition of household gas stoves,

High ignition rate; The user should adjust the damper first when using the household gas stove, so that the flame of the stove when burning is blue, clear without Lian Yu.

Consumers should pay attention to if the cooker after commissioning, there are still off fire (flame from the burner fire hole in all or part of the phenomenon), tempering (flame in the burner inside the phenomenon of burning) and the phenomenon of the flame yellowing, it indicates that the cooker has quality problems. The use of tempered glass gas stove precautions can not be used acid, alkali detergent or iron planing, such as hard material scrub, at any time will splash on the surface of salt, vinegar, soy sauce, water wipe, clean the fire hole regularly, remove impurities and carbon, prevent tempering and Huang; regularly please gas company professionals to gas stoves, hose, such as gas tightness inspection, Reduce security risks.